Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Pond's White Beauty Bloggers Meetup

Pond's held a bloggers event on 22nd May 2015 to relaunch its white beauty cream and face wash, which incorporates its Genwhite technology containing fairness, skin benefit actives and triple sun-screen professionally designed for deep absorption. It to claims penetrate three layers deep to removes dark circles and dark spots from the root- leaving skin fresh and glowing.

The event was hosted by beautiful Alishba Yousuf former pond's girl, who introduced inspiring stories of the individuals who experienced the "inner glow journey" by using ponds white beauty regularly.

Rabia Abdullah, Assistant brand manager, Pond's Pakistan, highlighted "good skin is not just about fair complexion, but alo about freshness and glow. The Genwhite technology is a part of our ongoing efforts to contribute towards Pakistani women looking good, feeling good and getting out most of their lives."

The journey to unblocking your inner glow is an initiative by Pond's to empower girls to feel comfortable in their skin and then pass on the challenge to several other girls around them.

Products from Ponds white beauty collection 

Alishba Yousuf former Pond's girl

Me with fellow bloggers

Fun Activity at the event

Gifts for activity winners


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  4. Pond's always arrange lovely events for creating awareness, so this is no exception to it. Ponds white beauty is a really good face wash as I have personally tried it.