Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette

Say hello to one of its kind Kat Von D's Shade + light contour palette. I have used a few other highlight and contouring kits but I must say this by far the best. The packaging is made of a very thick and durable cardboard with a mirror inside. It has three light and three contour shades, the light ones are smaller than the contour shades.

The light shades are

Lucid: a pinkish nude 
Lyric: a yellow beige 
Levitation: a soft peach 

The contour shades are

Sombre: true taupe 
Shadow play: soft brown 
Subconscious: deep brown 

What I like most about this palette is these highlight shades actually show up on the skin on one swipe of the brush unlike the anastasia contour palette, I literally had to dig my brush in the banana powder and force the product out but still nothing showed up. Out of these three Lyric is my most used shade for highlighting  as I have yellow undertones. 

The contour shades look very natural on the skin while defining the features at the same time. They are easy to blend. You can build the product as per your liking. Sombre (true taupe) can be used to contour as it has grey undertone, shadow play (soft brown) for over all bronzing and subconscious (deep brown) for dramatic chiseled look.

All the shades have a very silky smooth formula and are long lasting. They are also matte. The only thing that bothers me is that they are powdery so I have to swipe my brush very gently through the product to avoid fall out.

-Fragrance free
-Build-able and Blend-able 
-A wide range of natural shades
-Long lasting
-Matte finish

-Product falls out

I would recommend this product to everyone whose into contouring and highlighting. It retails for 46$ at sephora website. I got mine for 5800 from Mac Addict



  1. Wow. I recently bought the Anastasia Contour Palette and now after reading your view am wanting this. Thanks for the review. Looks interesting and promising 😍

    1. sadly i love this more than anastasia contour kit .. you should give it a try

  2. I am really liking this palette. The swatches look great and well thought out :)

    1. Thanks .. it surely is the best i've tried so far

  3. They look great can't wait you looks with these! :D Thanks for sharing!

  4. This is sucha beauty ♥♥ love the swatches

  5. For some reason none of the pictures are loading up =(

    1. they are now.. Thanks to an angel who saved me from this chaos.

  6. I already have ABH contouring palette but this looks great too, thanks for sharing

  7. ok , so now you made me want this palette too:)
    Great review

  8. For the price this kit looks just OKAY. Shades look powdery and not so pigmented. I think ABH contour kits are much better. Nice review :)

  9. Thanks .. I like this on more :)

  10. This looks just fine; for the price I expect much more. Great review <3

  11. I've battled with my thoughts in this and the lorac one. I dont know why i feel the shades in this one are lighter. Is that true?

  12. The shades are too good, but it really looks powdery, hope that can be fixed with a great eye-primer.