Sunday, 13 September 2015

Makeup forever Studio Case

Being a die hard fan of MAKEUP FOREVER i had their eye shadows on my wishlist since forever and then one fine day they launched this studio case which initially was for 59$ later went on sale for 39$ i was like WHAAATT! I dint want to miss this awesome deal so ordered right away.

The packaging itself is a sturdy box which unlatches to reveal twelve beautiful eye shadows and an artist liner. The case is quite heavy which I think was unnecessary a sleeker packaging would have done the job but the good news is that the eye shadow tray is removable and you can also depot them easily. The case alone can be used for other storage purposes.

M-530: is a soft white with matte finish with powdery texture swatching it was a pain barely showed on my skin
S-516: is a Beige with satin finish and good pigmentation
I-544: is a iridescent brown with smooth texture and super pigmentation

ME-122: is a silver with a white base and buttery formula. it is highly pigmented.
ME-108: is a greyish silver with metallic finish and less pigmentation
M-100: is a matte black, the formula is chalky and appeared blotchy on application, I have to go back and forth to intensify.

D-236: is a warm brown with metallic finish 
D-926: is a purple with silver sparkles and metallic finish
I-218: is a vibrant blue wit a metallic finish
All three are highly pigmented.

I-524: is a soft iridescent pink, highly pigmented 
D-826: is a gorgeous blue teal with metallic finish & super pigmentation. This color attracted me the most 
ME-828: is a deep brown with metallic finish & decent pigmentation

Makeup Forever Artist Liner M-10:
Its a matte black rich creamy liner, glides on easily but I have to go back on forth to intensify it. It's not smudge proof and the worst part it fails to retract. I kept on twisting & realized after a few seconds that it wasn't retracting (followed by Myocardial infarction-medical term for heart attack :p).

To sum up I would say these eye shadows have a special place in my heart. They are highly pigmented, buttery, super blend able and edible :p. The only two that did not perform well were the first one and matte black, in fact matte black can be worked with, but M-530 (the first one) was the biggest disappointment.  
For a palette which was is 94$ value, retailed for 59$ and you get it for 39$ on sale I think one should Thank God and stop complaining haha.

P.S:  This was a limited edition palette from 2014 holiday collection and is not available anymore, thanks for reading anyway ;)



  1. Gorgeous shades :) lucky girl you got this ;)

  2. This palette is definitely a stunner with beautiful shades and that amazing liner. Nice review.

  3. Loveeee the packaging. Colors are really pretty. Great review :)

  4. I ve always wanted to try MUFE. You have convinced me.

  5. I ve always wanted to try MUFE. You have convinced me.

  6. I loveee D-826 from the Chic line! These are so pretty <3

    1. D-286 is the reason i got this palette

  7. I'd love to have this in my vanity. The shades are gorgeous.

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    2. only if it wasnt a limited edition :(

  8. Replies
    1. yeah i love the case its multipurpose .

  9. Swatches mein they don look so pigmented. But Makeup forever is a good brand so I believe u :p

  10. Looks pretty Nice Ana ! the pigmention looks pretty average though

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  12. Thank you for sharing it look nice

  13. So glad you got what you wanted on sale! ^_^ Sales are the best <3 Liner looks so pigmented!

  14. This set looks really nice, the colors are very pretty.

  15. Omg gorgeous shades :) thanks for sharing

  16. The packaging done indeed looks heavy and rather unnecessary and inconvenient for traveling. Great review anyways <3

  17. The colours are lovely but I do expect perfection with a product this expensive :)

  18. Woww love the swatches .. sad it was LE .. great post dear ♡♡