Thursday, 5 March 2015

Pantene Launches New Shampoo That Protects Against Water Damage

Who doesnt have hair related issues, atleast I dont know a single one here who is satisfied with the way their hair looks and feels. We have so many hair related issues nowadays, like hair fall, dry, dull, damaged hair and what not. Living in a country where there is mostly hard water supplied to our homes we end up damaging our hair with the amount of minerals present in the water. These minerals (esp copper) damages our hair by sucking away all the proteins and leaving it dry and dull. Nobody actually got into the depth of this major problem, until now, thanks to Pantene.

Pantene Pro V, one of the leading beauty shampoo brands in the world, launched a new shampoo with "damage blockers". The brand claims that their new launched shampoo contains damage blockers (EDDS), which will prevent damage caused by copper levels in hair from tap water. This shampoo is one of its kind, as no other brand has yet came up with this idea of protecting hair against water damage.

Nina Lotia And Aamina Sheikh

Nina Lotia (Brand Ambassador/hairstylist) and Aamina Sheikh (the beauty brand Ambassador) were also present at the event. They shared their whole Pantene journey and gave us alot of information about the new launched shampoo.
Nina said she herself had been to pantene lab in singapore and witnessed how this shampoo works on damaged hair. She also advised to use the shampoo regularly for about three weeks to achieve best results.

Aamina on the other hand, said, that being a model/actress she had been through major hair damage over a couple of years, but this shampoo gave her instant results, they were softer and felt good immediately.

Me with Nina Lotia And Fellow Bloggers

All in all the event was very informative, and organized by Xenith PR. I will be trying out this shampoo for sure and let you guys know about the result in about three weeks time.



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  3. This looks like a good product for dull and dry hair. I hope this works for my hair as I have tried multiple things to give a shine and lively look to them.