Sunday, 9 February 2014


I love using beauty blenders to apply my foundation to achieve that flawless finish and being a huge fan of Real techniques brushes, when I heard about the launch of this miracle sponge I was really excited to try it. 

Finally after using it with different foundations for more than a week now I am head over heels with this beauty.

The most interesting thing about this sponge is that it has three unique different surfaces

Rounded side: Blends large areas of the face.

Precision tip: Covers blemishes and imperfections.
Flat edges: Aids coverage for contour around eyes and nose.

To use the sponge all you have to do is make it wet by running it under the tap, let it soak then squeeze out all the excess water until the sponge is damp ( not wet ), you will see it has almost doubled its original size. When the sponge is damp it blends the foundation evenly all over your face.

To apply my foundation I put some of the product on my cheeks, forehead and chin and start dabbing. I start from cheeks where extra coverage is required working my way towards the sides where I need less coverage.  By this method the foundation blends easily as the sponge is soft and bouncy and gives a flawless finish. In order to build up more I just repeat the method again.

All in all I am in loooove with this miracle sponge. It makes me feel flawless each and everyday. Its easy to use and wash. I wash it every time after applying makeup with as I don't want my skin to breakout. I would definitely recommend this to all you beauties out there.

I love everything about it.

I am sorry WHAT ?? :p

My Ratings:
surprise surprise !! 5/5 . Ehh

RT miracle sponge is retailed at $6. I got mine from Beauty Hub for PKR 1450 including the delivery charges.


  1. Oh i love Real techniques <3
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